What is Keren?


Sexy beautiful fun loving girl

I wish I was Keren, she's cool

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Means 'horn of an animal' in Hebrew, which is very fitting, just ask their ex's. They are considered to be uncommonly beautiful, sexy, have a cutting edge sense of humor and a lot of fun to be around. You will fear them when they're too quiet because you know they are Machiavellian and will plot revenge against any wrongdoings, perceived or real and you feverishly pray it's not you they're pissed at. They are also exceedingly self-confident bordering on narcissism.

These girls try so hard to be a Keren, but fail miserably...

See karen, horn, animal, hebrew, narcissism, machiavellian, beautiful, sexy, cutting edge


sexy isle of wightian - likes bummings and hugs.

"cor, there's a keren - i'd bum her"


my best friend. shes too cool for everyone. she doesnt judge me even though i act like a total retard. i love her more than a fat kid loves cake. we'll be best friends forever..hopefully. she owns you. =)

I love my bitch Keren. =)

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A really bitchy person who thinks she is so hot but she isn't and she doesn't have any friends.

The popular girl is very keren.

See bitchy, ugly, fat, poop, obese


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