What is Keyra?


The most perfect ass in the world.

I instantly jizzed the 1st time I saw Keyra's ass.


the most gourgous loveable big booty white girl you will ever meet; you can look but cant touch.

Holly shit keyra talked to me, and look at that ass!

See richard


An Internet sensation, the mysterious model known as Keyra and Agustina by different parties wowed many with her stunning beauty, sexy poses and bootylicious figure. The true identity of Keyra / Agustina is not known, though thousands of fans have tried to learn more about her, even creating Web sites collection theories and information.

The myterious model known as Keyra, Agustina and Julieta shot from obscure beauty to Internet icon after Howard Stern declared her behind the greatest he'd ever seen in his life.


Ass and thats about it.

Keyra was shaking that booty all night for me.

See rod stewart, shiela


A ape or gorilla. A manly woman. King Kong and King Tates child.

Damn did you see that keyra?!

See fat, ugly, manish, hairy, big boned


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