What is Khalil?


Khalil is an arabic word meaning FRIEND.

"Yaa khalil" O friend

See smasher


Jennifer Ramirez Lopezs' lover and husband fo life and beyond. and he will kill any muhfugga that funks wiff her. Fo real. you will die.

Hey, did you hear Khalil is in jail?

Yea, somebody looked at Jennifer I heard.

He fuckin took off their head with a paperclip. Goddam, hes crazy.

See yes



Weird, weirdo, a strange person, nut case, nut job, phsyco, creep.

"stop being such a khalil"

"this situation feels so khalil"

"something very khalil is happening here"

"if you weren't such a khalil I might have helped you out"

"wow why is this person wasting my time by being all khalil and shit".

See weird, weirdness, weirdly, weirdo


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