What is Khoutah?


By name he is known to nearly half of the civilized world as Usman Altaf, or UAH, he is known by other names too. This word has multiple meanings. In Punjabi, a khoutah (self-referencial) means a donkey, literally.

Usman Altaf bears remarkable resemblance to a donkey for a human (if the word human is to be considered a broad word). His perseverence, adamant-ness, melodious braying sound, and most of all obsession with this word itself almost begs the non-conformist to agree to this self-evident axiom that he is, in fact, /the/ Khoutah.

O Khoutah, tainu ugg laggay.

Traditionalistic: UAH, is he a Khoutah?

Heretic: Mark my words, my heresy; he is, by all that is Holy, a Toutah.


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