What is Kibax?


Calling someone a "Kibax" is just about the worst insult known to man. It is the most extreme of extremities, and should only be used as an absolute final resort. The reciepent of the insult will be so badly hit it will automaticly destroy all their HP.

But just what is a Kibax? This in depth analysis fully explains the true definition behind this insult of mass destruction.

A "Kibax" is a filthy, unhygenic, neo-nazi, fucktarded, clinicaly obese, attention seeking, feces eating basement dwelling shitbag of a troll-ass motherfucker, whose gender remains a mystery to the world. A Kibax is someone who is commonly found ruthlessly spewing verbal diarrhea in the faces' of innocent folk on the Internet. A Kibax will take any given oppurtunity to brag and boast the living shit out of any possessions/personal achievments it can. It will often do anything it can to seek higher authority among its peers, such as recieving ass rape and participating in Internet Wonders such as 2girls1cup and swap.avi until extra priviliges are adminstrated by superiors. A kibax craves attention, like your avearge Korean does Starcraft. When ignored, a kibax will suffer exteme emotional distress to the point where it must flee to cry in a cupboard and shit in its own mouth just to reassure itself. When pwned in an argument, a kibax will pretend to disacknowledge the recieved pwnage, often by saying "k". When pwned thoroughly, a kibax is stunned and unable to contstruct a basic sentence; the Kibax shows this by saying "...". The build up of mass failure inside the Kibax reaches such volatile levels it implodes leaving behind a disgusting stench enough to repel even the most scummyest of back-street whores.

When invited to socialise with others, a Kibax will not accept the invite until a considerable amount of time,as if to say "i dont care that you have invited me to socialise as i am better than you, however i will join your petti conversation anyway". Once the Kibax has entered the socialising area, it will not converse as if to continue its act of supposedly "not caring", this silence is usualy deployed until the Kibax is acknowledged within the

chatroom by fellow conversationalists, where upon it will make up a pathetic excuse as to why it was delayed such as "i was having anal with my mom".

To conclude, there are few people on this planet that deserve to be called a Kibax, could you be one of them?

Biggest failure alive: "I ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN EVERYONE"

Man on the motherfucking edge: "I didnt want it to come to this, but your a fucking Kibax!"

Audience "OMFG"

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The other definition describes more about what a Kibax is, however this one will give you another idea of how to use the word "Kibax"

pros only dude: a kibax sweats when he eats

pros only dude: he grabs his quarter pounder, sweat rolls down his back

pros only dude: the happy meal toy is saturated

pros only dude: he reaches for the fries

pros only dude: his face is stained with mayonaise, it smells a bit fishy

pros only dude: he drops a nugget on the floor, mummy orders 7 more

pros only dude: a kibax drinks hamburger milkshakes

pros only dude: that was an original poem, entitled "kibax goes on a diet"

pros only dude: kibax sweats on the toliet

pros only dude: kibax drinks hamburger milkshakes

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