Kickin It

What is Kickin It?


Taking it easy (relaxing)

See Mark


to hang out with someone

to chill

ima be kickin it with jazzy tonight

See kickin it, kickin, chillin, chill, hang out


it means chillin or makin out


sara: so wut u up to?

paul: just kickin it.

makin out:

susie: so have u kicked it wit him yet?

katie: yup. =)

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somethings thats just there; when you're just hanging out with people

there's a spoon just kickin it on the floor


Making out. French kissing.

Mark: So what happened with Tracy last ?

Luis: Not much we were kickin it.

See roping, french kissing, rapping, Mydel



I was kickin it with that chick last night.


smokin weed gettin high ;)

i was kickin it today wit angie and tony and we were so fuckin baked it was awesome

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