King Bowser

What is King Bowser?


(N.) The King of the Koopas, his full name is Bowser Koopa, and he's one of the Mushroom Kingdom's Most Wanted.


Age: Same as Mario

Height: about 7'

Weight: about 600 lbs.

History: has been beaten by Mario about 30 some times.

All Koopa Troopas, hail Lord King Bowser!


one big,big try 9,000,000,000mt dragon/koopa who has superstrenth,durability,ect. who could kick mario`s butt if heros didn`t always win.


a badguy in almost every mario game

The last bad guy of paper mario is Bowser

See rick


a fatass koopa king (turtle) with spikes on his shell, can breethe fire, and even ram you with his horns. He's an imaptient asshole who treats his servents like shit and is a pervertwho wants to hump Peach, but Marioand Luigialways kick his ass.

So,I saw King Bowser stare at a picture of Princess Peach and he was humping the poster, and when I saw it, I was pissing in my pants!

See Anonymous


Only like the koolest character ib that game, soo beats all the other gay things on it, and plus he is kapital H.O.T.T. HOTT! Gotta luv him and his sex appeal!

Bowser is one mighty fine peice of ass!


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