What is Kitchener?


A medium sized city with a population of 190,399 in the city itself, with a total of 444,094 in the metro/suburban areas.

The city contains one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Highly educated people, high-tech jobs.

The city suffers a few problems, the degrading downtown for one. In the late 90's several buildings in and around downtown suffered arson problems. Store owners were setting fire to buildings to collect insurance money. After that, in around 2000 the downtown started to get really bad. No more fires, but lots and lots of drug-dealing, prostitution, robberies, car-thefts etc. The bus-terminal is also a heaven for young teenage kids who like to act like they're from Brooklyn, talking shit to anybody.

Living in Kitchener is nice, if you have the money. High cost housing is leaving alot more people to move into ghetto neighbourhoods in the South Ward District of the city, and near Chicopee-Bridgeport. Ugly slab apartments, small houses, and crime are turning many areas into high-crime ghettos. If one can afford it though, the city is building pleanty of new, middle-class suburban areas. Tearing down forests and burying streams, developers are constantly building row upon row of identitcle houses on the outskirts of the city.

The lack of managed health care is showing. The recent lack of general-physicians is starting to show. Despite putting millions into the hospital, they're still struggling.

Despite the problems the city faces as it gets bigger and bigger, Kitchener is a fine place. One thing they need to do though, is build up, not out.

I was walking downtown and got approached by two kiddie drug dealers, followed by a crack head, saw various prostitutes, and had some pussy white kids wearing G-Unit clothing call me a 'bird'.


A town in Southern Ontario with a small population, of only 200'000. You can walk down one street and it will look like The Bronx, and the next street over it will look like your typical white suburb. Contains one housing project system, The Hallman Projects which are all over the Belmont / Brybeck area. The downtown is completly degraded and has become a paradise for drug dealers and prostitution. Neighbourhoods vary. They can be beautiful or comparable to Compton depending on where you are. Home to Chicopee Ski Hill and the Kitchener Rangers. Generally this town is one giant ghetto.

I was born in the Hallman Projects on Brybeck.


A mid sized city of around 200,000 people around an hour from Toronto (a city of over 5 million). A productive centre of technology, high education, one of the lowest unemployment rates nationwide, and one of the most diverse cities. Problems include lack of affordable housing and a degraded downtown core that has become a haven for hard-core drug dealing and prostitution.

Kitchener is next to Waterloo and Cambridge so in total it has around half a million people.


full of alotta hoe girls and wanna be thug guys...nothing to do on wknds xcept go to lame bars where half the people are minors. Nerdy universities...also for the most part filled with a lotta closed minded suburbanites who MUST get a life!

Yeah typical Kitchener hoes at the bus terminal, running thier mouths about other girls


A city in Ontario, Canada. 190,000 people. near Toronto, an awesome place to live

I live in kitchener. It's awesome here in kitchener


a fucking sweet place to party

"Yo Lets all go to kitchener and get smashed!"

See kitchener, town, downtown


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