Kith And Kin

What is Kith And Kin?


Your friends and family, respectively. The phrase dated back to the 1300 and originally meant "fellow country men" and "family members". It gradually has taken on a different meaning which we know today.

It is not a phrase that most people use nowadays, expect for Asatruar, as Kith and Kin is imporant in Asatru.

The meadhorn is again passed, as praise, stories, and boasts are exchanged. Those assembled forge bonds of kith and kin with each other, deepening friendships and family relations with this holy sharing.

See friend, family, kin, kinfolk, asatru, asatruar, heathen


Some crazy ass bitches who love violence. Invented many years ago in one uberenglish lesson.

This was a revolution in the world of dry cleaning socks.

Kith: "Hey Kin, want a flower?"

Kin: "Get the fuck out my house dipshit" *pulls out M16 203 and shoots the crap out of Kith*

Kin: "Hello"

Kith: "Bitch shut the fuck up and make me a sandwich" *slaps Kin*

Kith: "Up for some mindless killing?"

Kin: "Sure. EAT LEAD MOTHERFUCKERS!" *They proceed to wipe out the entire Manchester United section of crowd at Old Trafford using various assorted weaponry*

Kin: "Hey Kith, check out this Chieften tank i found under a flowerpot in next doors garden" *gets into full size tank*

Kith: "Lush" *also climbs in*

Kin: *in B52 Bomber* "lets not do anything violent ever again"

Kith: "yeah, peace out"

Kin: *smacks Kith in the face* "HA HA! You dumb fucker"


Well actually it was an english lesson, because i didn't sit next to you in Textiles, and if it was textiles, it wouldnt be only us who were in on the joke. Foolish boy. Also, we got the phrase 'Kith and Kin' when we were doing class reading from some old book, possibly shakespeare, and needed to give definitions to words that were no longer common. Pwned

James is a Trotbot


Kith and Kin were actually created in a textiles lesson, from two characters who were drawn on a piece of fabric. They love war. They also love killing each other.

Kith: Hey Kin, catch this piece of TNT

Kin (explodes)

Kin: Quick, I see Bin Laden in those mountains, kill him!

Kith: (pulls out AK47) Aha! Death you bastard! (shoots Kin in the back)

Kin: I hate you Kith

Kith: I hate you Kin

Kin: We should get married!


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