What is Kiwiserver?


Kiwiserver is a shit copy of the shit MMORPG " Tibia". Often Americans mistake the copy to be a fruit eating game but they get rather disappointed when they realise it's about the based on the " New Zealander". In this shit copy, there are many corrupt gamemasters, and the owner likes to scam you out of your money by deleting your character after you donate over 160$.

The owner is often lusting after young spanish girls to prey upon, and will try to use his power on literally every woman who ever plays the shit copy. He believes that many of them are his 'girlfriends'.

The owner likes to delete players who pass one of his 'girlfriends' in levels. He accuses them of cheating and then deletes them from the shit copy, all of his bum-buddies agreeing with him.

All in all, it sucks shit.

Mary: Hey did you play that shit copy, kiwiserver last night?

Joseph: Yeah, it sucked shit.

Mary: Oh, it's okay, just e-mail the owner on his private e-mail account "shizaxin@gmail" and he'll give you free items!

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