What is Kj?


abbv. killjoy / kill joy Australia

A person who wishes to not socialise and have fun, therefore 'killing' the fun, or 'joy' of others

Jane: "Amy you gotta come clubbin..."

Amy: "Nah... I'm tired... I don't want to go"

Jane: "But everyone is going..."

Amy: "Nah..."

Jane: "Oh my god you're such a KJ!!"

See Cho Chang


Kristal Joint PCP

A term for the drug PCP

See k


or "koala job"

to suspend yourself from a woman's torso in a 69 position and recieve a blowjob but give nothing in return thus resembling a koala.

eating her out while shes hanging from you is a reverse kj.other variations include k69, and the koala toss

yo son i just got this ill ass kj but it blew my girl's back out!!

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the dopest

damn, you're the KJ

See mister


In the seductioncommunity, KJ is short for Keyboard Jockey. A KJ is a guy who spends all his time posting about PUbut is almost never (or literally never) out in the field. Not a person you want to take PUadvice from. A "wannabe" PUA. KJs are often told to SBAP.

David DeAngelo is the seductioncommunity's biggest KJ, hands down.

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The act of smoking a cigarette.

See Smoke a Cig.

Mike: Kirkshelekkit, wanna KJ?

Kirk: Yesh!

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a tiny squirel usally sucking or eating nuts

look over there, it's a Kj eating nuts.

See animal, rodent, hamster, rat


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