What is Kneegrow?


To act like an idiot

Wayne Gourley acts like a kneegrow


Kneegrow: A nickname given to a person of african american descent.

Frank is african american, Frank is black, Frank is kneegrow.


Also known as negro, this term is a comical way of addressing an African(-American) usually used by the way of writing a letter or on the internet, as common speech would be interpreted as negro.

What the hell? We have a kneegrow on our team. Shit, we lost.

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Kneegrow - An afican american.

Damn, That kneegrow is pretty black.

And its another funny way to spell "negro"

See Marc


i funny way to say negro usually used by noobs online

<mAgz> j00 kneegro what is your penis bigger then mine???

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African American citizen


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