Knock Yourself Out

What is Knock Yourself Out?


Equivalent to "Go for it"

"Can I have a piece of your burrito?"

"Knock yourself out."

See adhesives


A term for: Do whatever the hell you want, it doesn't bother me.

"dad, can i go to the park?"

"Can you get there yourself?"


"well then, knock yourself out."

See donnald duck


Same as "go for it" or "go nuts".

If you really dont care at all about a person doing/taking something you say "knock yourself out" as in to do/eat until you pass out (if you really want to).

Same as "go for it" or "go nuts".

Person 1: "Hey man, can I have some beer?"

Person 2: "Yeah, Knock yourself out"


to work hard to achieve something, usually implying success

Wow, Mary! This is a great party. You really knocked yourself out.

It seems every time you give a party you really knock yourself out.

See effort, party, success, achievement


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