Knocked Up

What is Knocked Up?


To get someone pregnant

Amanda got knocked up because Jimmy didn't use protection.


to get pregnant; an unplanned pregnancy, unwanted.

fuck yo! i just knocked up this bitch, now i gotta pay child support!


To get a woman pregnant, perticually un-planned, un-wanted or in wedlock.

Ironicly, my radical femminest english teacher came in knocked up today.

See pregnant, woman, sex, abortion, condom


to get someone pregnant, generally unplanned.

jack had sex with with me, unprotected and now i'm knocked up..

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1.When a man gets a women pregnant, usually not planned.

1st person:

Hey Jessica you look sad what wrong?

2 person: Well, I'm pregnant!

1st person: "oh shit girl you got knocked up."

See carrying, developing, offspring, produced


Australian lingo for tired or pooped out.

"I just ran a mile and I'm totally knocked up now!"

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some body that got pregnant and the dude ran away.

hey did u guys hear


Abellana got knocked up

o every body knows that

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