Knuckle Box

What is Knuckle Box?


(N.) To be a royal screw up. To be the one to totally fuck things up for others and never be held accountable. To be a slacker and never get fired. One who is void of all intelligence to the point where breathing and blinking stress mental processing speeds.

(V.) Knuckle Boxing: The result of def: (N.). To screw everything up as a knucklebox would. Being unable to identify responsibilities and destroy all confidence in ability. To bitch up the works.

I can't believe B. Kieth knuckle boxed production again!

Bill, you knuckle box! Stop knuckle boxin this shit, BITCH!

Your bitch-ass knuckle box attitude is WEAK!

See retard, bitch, asswipe, slacker, pink sock, nancy, fuzzy walrus, baltimore broiler, angry dragon, houdini


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