What is Kob?


to have anal sex with a girl, ala Kobe Bryant.

Last night was ok, until I got her in the kob!


Stands for King Of Bellends

Basically one who tries to piss you off and act a arsehole in front of you to embarrass you.

Player 1:just because you shat your load last night in front of me!

Player 2:fuck you, you pancakeface get a life and stop being a KOB.

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klowns of beechboro

keg of beer

nice kob work on your car

kob in full effect

broken down again? who worked on your car KOB?

See dixie normous


KING OF BONGS; someone who is the king of all bongs, and can smoke them for hours at a time....aka Nicky Bong

stoner 1: did you guys see the KOB last night?

stoner 2: yeah he was rippin up a storm on them bongs.

See budd, hookah, joint, blunt


stands for kevin o' brien... hottest teacher in the history of the world

student a: did you see KOB today??

student b: he bent over to pick up a piece of chalk in class and it was orgasmic!


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