What is Kolton?


A great and sexy boy friend, who loves his girl friend unconditionally. Likes being in a long term relationship. He doesnt like anything better then being with his girl friend. Has the swagger of a champion. Funny is his middle name. He is hardcore and parties hard. Very romantic.

Girl 1: "I miss having a Kolton"

Girl 2: "Well Kolton gave you many chances"

Girl 1: "I'll get my Kolton back"

See sexy, loving, hardcore, romantic, rad, gnarly


A fucked up square.

Girl 1: "I think I might like Jason."

Girl 2: " Wow, you have no taste. He's such a Kolton"

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A piece of crap who won't ask a girl out because he's a homo.

Girl1: I wish Kolton would ask me out...

Girl2: Did you know he's homo?

Girl1: Well I still want him to go out with me.

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