What is Kom?


The acronym for "Knights of Maple"; a well known guild from the popular online game "MapleStory". Dey r da leet. k thx

Person A: I just passed my trial to get into KoM!!

Person B: Congrats, they're really cool.

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Knights Of Mars taken from an episode of Sealab 2021, also was a gang in 2003 in upstate NY, known to rep black flags and carry baseball bats, drink like fish, and kick the shit out of anyone that got in their way

the three original members were

Sir Enforcer

Sir Mischief

Sir Onslaught

also used for the acronym EMO

the crew disbanded in early 2004 due to baby mama drama involving all three original members. It is rumored that they might still rep the black flag to this day hangin out the left side fool

what you reppin'?

KOM fool

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