What is Kracker?


1. slang for a White person

2. totally useless racial slur

What the fuck you lookin at you kracker-ass kracker!


This term is said to have originated in England before the 16th century, refering to the lower class whose diet primarily consisted of "crackers", actually biscuits. Many of their descendants were sent to the Georgia penal colony, hence "Georgia crackers." White people had invented this name for themselves before the first slave was brought to America, although it is still in use today by mostly older blacks referring to whites.

Your boss is such a kracker

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This word came from the slaves. Back in the day the slaves would call the white guy with the wip a kracker because of the noise the wip made when they were getting wiped.

Get back to work the kracker is comimg

See todd


Not black.

yo kracker


A trailer park "Jerry Springer" white American.


The way in which a person is able to act completely different than others of another race. Nieve and "TOTALLY" unaware of the obvious.

Good God, how can someone so cute be such a dumb Kracker ass, You are the whitest white person I know.

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Kracker, Well comming from a white person I would have to say Kracker fits pretty good. Think about it. If you saw 5 white guys get out of some chevy van and play Chineese fire drill at a stop light, What would you say.

Random person from the ghetto : "Kracker!"

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