What is Kroxy?


often followed by motherfucker

1) The artistry of an individual to spin such a web of mendacities, wound so tight, that the Kroxy seems unaware of the painful nature of the malediciton that they are spewing forth onto the people in the vicinity. In extreme cases, a Kroxy actually believes that they can morph the rules of mathematics, on the fly, to add dramatic emphasis to the latest tirade of dross.

2) To exhibit reptilian characteristics both visually, and in terms of attitude and demeanour.

3) A bat smoker that has never admitted or denied being batty, but seems to one's blind grandmother to be as gay as an individual can be. Enticed by the cock. Has no problem referring to himself within a gay innuendo.

1) Kroxy: 'I was flooring it, you know, along the Autobahn at 190mph, in the Ferrari that Schumacher had lent me, and I remember thinking, this really isn't that fast. I mean, I was only travelling at 250mph.

Bystander: 'Eh? What a fucking Kroxy'

2) Kroxy enters the room.

Bystander: (in head) 'Goddamned mongoose-fighting, skin-shedding Kroxy motherfucker...'

3) Kroxy: 'I would rather drink my own cum, than go down on some woman - you can catch all manner of diseases from women. At least mine is clean'

Bystander: 'Eh? You have a girlfriend and you'd rather..semen...? Oh dear, faggot ass, enticed by cock, Kroxy motherfucker.

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