What is Kru?


a crew

a bunch of people that come together and from a group-club-CREW---

yo i herd los kru is goin out tonit to hit up that ill spot nexta the highway


This is a term often associated with the countering of a deadly (kreeh). Kru sometimes spelt cru and pronounced croo, is the act of turning around and urinating the person who performs kreeh upon you. A warning of 1,2,3 must be said for the kru to be legitimate. In order to perform kru one must be kreeh'd first. Kru'ing a person who has not performed kreeh results in the offender getting three free hits. This game is rarely played as it is regarded as unsanitary. However if both parties or more agree that kru is allowed in the game of (kreeh), the one that succesfully performs kru is given serious bragging rights.

1,2,3, kru!

We will not play kru.

See kru, kreeh, piss, game, fight, urinate, bathroom


Hat wearing hippy fuck.

Kru : what a legend.


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