What is Krua?


Noun: derived from the drum'n'bass chant of "lighter creeewwww!", "krua" has come to mean friends, people, group, posse or, indeed, crew. In particular, it denotes a close group of friends who have bonded over the years through a shared love of music and recreational substances.

Generally used without an article, as in the quasi-philosphical question: "what is krua?";

Can also be used in an exclamatory context, e.g. "battered krua!" ("we're all battered as a result of imbibing too many illegal substances"); or

as a multi-purpose suffix: "lighter krua!" ("pass me the lighter, blud")

In short, very versatile.

Have you seen krua?

Which krua are coming?

Where's all my krua at?

Battered krua!

Nuff krua all up in this piece!


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