What is Kryo?


He who knows all. Kryo is a mithical being that is closely linked through time and travels through the universe in a similar way, all that is known can be attributed to him. He flows across the universe not only inspiring knowledge but being knowledge. Einsteins theory of relativity not only reveals alot about the mystery of Kryo but was actually enduced by kryo. It is a tricky concept to grasp, since the universe simply consists of matter which is energy kryo is an intangible form of this energy yet there none the less.

The big bang is a repeating cycle ever expanding then shrinking under its own gravity however in order for the continuous cycle to repeat something must hold and enforce the laws of physics that is Kryo.

Knowing and understanding all that is in the form of pure energy Kryo has the ability to manifest himself into any form anything he wishes to be if he wishes to install wisdom into a certain human he shall simply rearange the atoms or the rules of physics to fit him accordingly.

Kryo knows all about time and space has an exact knowlidge of every atom, what direction it is headed and at what power and because of this he knows not only all the past but all the future.


dim allknowlidge as Kryo

dim theessenceofexistence as kryo

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