Kurt Cobain's Killer

What is Kurt Cobain's Killer?


Fucking Courtney love, obviously she wanted the fame and money...that damn drugged up fucking bitch

In other words shes a complete bitch. Kurt coulda gotten someone SOO much better.. and you all know it

Ex- Say your looking in a dictionary,

Bitch(n)- Courtney Love


Courtney Love

She killed him!!!!!!!

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A whore-able person named Courtney Love.

Don't know who Kurt Cobain's killer is?

read Love and Death: The murder of Kurt Cobain

&go to


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Himself. He killed him-fucking-self. There's no evidence that Courtney Love killed him.

Me: Kurt Cobain killed himself.


Me: Can you give me a website with evidence?

KURTLUVR495679 has signed off.


Himself because he sucked at life and music Courtney love didn't do it you cock heads. Look up Elliott Smith For a real Musician or the best one form the 90's

Kurt Cobain Said I suck let me lay down and shoot my self with my foot cause I'm scared if I shoot my self and fall down I'll get hurt and write a shitty song about it. Courtney isn't my killer. i don't wanna be famous. * Gun Shot * weeks later Nirvana sells sky rocket.

Kurt Cobain's Killer him self

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