What is Kutiba?


Noun. The male species of one who walks around with excrement on his forehead but thinks that it is chocolate spread. Also, it is somebody who kidnaps little boys, cuts them open and has sexual intercourse with the wound. when you see him in public. you must shield your eyes and put a finger up your rectum so he doesnt see you or rape you. They breed like rats and are related to the wild sea cucumber found in the Aegean Sea

Willy: Look Mommy, its a kutiba!!!

Denise: Oh fuck me Willy. Don't be decieved by its big dick. It'll rape your if your not careful. Close your eyes and put your finger up your asshole so he can't put his dick inside you.

Willy: Ok Mommy. You better put up two fingers cos of what daddy does to you at night.

See this, animal, is, damn, sexy, with, a, huge, dick


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