What is Kya?


Kya means 'what'. Used when some1 calls you.

James: Hey John, can I ask you a question?

John: Kya?

See a, b, c, d, e, f, etc.


usually refering to a girl: lovely, smart, funny, goofball with cheese, extremely beautiful, an amazing person in all aspect, and ends with a rose.... @-}---

wow, would you look at -her-?

I know her, She's a Kya...

See goof, happy, wonderful


'Kick Your Ass'

a group of ppl who dont look cool but they actually do cool shiz (well some of them do..) some people think they're cool but others dont, opinions vary depending on how well you know a member(s)

opinion: uber cool

opinion: cyber dorks

person 1: thats the KYA!

person 2: they have their own code names!

person 3: they are so NOT cool they keep pwning me!

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