What is Kyann?


1. Beautiful A+ boner waiting to happen; a girl that is so fine that has legs for days and smiles for effin' miles.

2. With wit as sharp as an effin' sushi knife, a Kyann will puncture your swollen heart, engorged with love for her (duh), causing it to burst open all over your brand new striped button up dress shirt and you won't even mind.

3. A lust for knowledge exceeded only by lust for nubile hardbodies!

4. Intelligent as fuck and with a sense of justice that will make your dick hard! But don't cross this stone cold bitch...because her trust, once broken, never grows back!

5. The ultimate in fierceness; fierceness incarnate.

NO one is good enough for my Kyann!

See steins, afterparty


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