What is L2?


A common prefix to verbs meaning "learn to.."

often followed by some form of noob.

L2play = learn to play

L2notsuck = learn to not suck

See learn, leet, noob, qq


An internet slang term pioneered by the runescape clan "team elves"

L2k son

See l2, te, wat, wtf, how


In the world of Escorts and Spa/Studios, L2 is also known as Level 2, or a blow job. (See L1, L3)

I picked up this escort and paid $ for L2.

See l2, escort, studio, blowjob


13375l*34l< (leet-speak) for "r".

j00 l2 l l/l00l3, 5l_lx012!!11!!

translation: You are a noob, sucker!

See finity


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