What is L3?


In the world of Escorts and Spa/Studio, L3 (or Level 3) is full penis/vaginal sex. (See L1 and L2)

She gave me the best L3 I have ever bought.

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Used by the band The Matches to describe their concerts: Live, Loud, and Local

"Mother would trip if she saw the way that girl wears her clothes to the L3 shows."-The Matches "Say 18"

See Shanel


To teabag in a videogame by using the crouch function after killing someone. Primarially used in Halo. Derived from the button used to execute the command.

After I got a no scope, I walked up to the body and proceeded to repeatedly L3 the corpse.

See halo, teabagging, necrophilia, rape, 1337


People online originally said elite. Then this changed to leet. Then this changed to L33t. Then this changed to 1337.

Now, the final evolution is L3.

1Rl3=I am L3

gamer1: 1RL3

gamer2: fuxj00 nub


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