L Bomb

What is L Bomb?


When someone unexpectedly tells you that they love you. Usually comes out of the blue when you least expect it and are not prepared to respond.

Dude! Shannon totally dropped the L bomb on me last night!

-- Damn. What did you do?

I said 'I love you too'.

-- You pussy.


L = law school. References to the fact that the speaker attends law school.

"Hey baby, I have the L bomb" - A line used by law school guys to try and pick up.

See law school, pick up lines, law, pick up


A spontanious explosion of lisp at the completion of a sentance. An advanced way of speech for one with lisp, to achieve the l-bomb, the lispee must talk without a lisp for a sentance. This surplus of kenetic energy(the unused lisp) is stored thruout the sentance and released in a shockwave of lisp upon completion.

Todd : Yo dude you hang out at the party?

lispet: yeah man we got wasted and pissed on that bitch's couch...... lesheshkba


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