What is L G?


The name given to a girl which makes life good.

Life is good with L G. She is a vibrant,intelligent and beautiful woman who has fun anywhere she goes. Just the mere thought of her makes me smile.She has the most brilliant blue eyes that when gazed upon can leave such a profound impression that words can not describe.There is an amazing sense of calmness when she's around. I get lost in time with her because I feel so comfortable engaging in conversation,laughter and her presence. L G has taught me the meaning of love and soulmate and for that I am truly blessed to have found my fren in which I always knew had a place in my heart.L G is funny,sexy and everything you could wish for in a best friend and lover.She passionate about her music and everything she does. She doesn't like "in no particular order" bees,snakes,planes and escalators and I don't care I will hold her hand as we take off and hold her hand as we step onto the escalator and fend off any snake or bee. L G makes me want to do these things and without thinking twice.I love her smile, her hair ties and the way she touches me I wouldn't change a thing about her. I do ask myself how this all real and will it last and have to say it's undeniably real and right now and more amazing each day.L G can love unconditionally and I know has my best interests at heart. As we travel down this unknown frightful road I hope we can weather the storm and become even stronger and if for some reason I lose this special person she will be forever in my heart with no regrets. Life is a journey through good and bad and I hope my journey continues with L G.I wish everyone could have an LG and experience an electrifying connection I didn't think even existed . This is a living definition because with L G it's mo better every day.

If everyone had an L G life would be good.

See amazing, best friend, soul mate, girlfriend, beatiful


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