L Word

What is L Word?


L Word is the modern day TV show that depicts everyday lives of urban lesbians. It shows the hardships that they endure through relationships, and how similar their lives are to straight people's lives. It is the Lesbian version of Queer as Folk!

Lets get together to watch the "L-Word" at my house, say 8ish?!


the L word is simply Love.

It is called 'the L word' instead of lovefor saying love is quite a commitment.

Jordan used the L word and I don't think I want to date him anymore


A whole heap of crap creating social casualty pseudo-lesbians.

Some bird saying "I've always knew I was a lesbian, I just had to find myself". Clear as day in her DVD collection is a box set of The L Word. However she was only sucking cock a week before.

See bullshit, lame, boring, yawn


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