La Natural

What is La Natural?


Death primarily by gunshot but conceivably any act of homicidal violenceinvolving a young male of any ethnic or economic status that would make gang affiliation likely. The expression was based on the coroner's terminology for manner of death: Natural, Accidental, Suicide, Homicide, Unidentified, and originated when death by an act of violencebecame the leading cause of death among young males in the Los Angelesarea, especially in poverty stricken areas. Death by accident or disease are, by far, more common in almost every statistical group, except that of combatants during wartime, making it notable that a young male in these areas could expect to die a violent death (gun shot, stabbing, etc.) as a matter of course, as most anyone else would expect a "natural" death, thus an "LA Natural".

There are 12 new cases in the coroner's office this morning: three accidental, one suicide, four natural, one homicide, one unidentified and two "LA natural".

See death, gun, shot, gunshot, homicide, coroner, violence, drive-by, driveby, hit, murder, drive by, kill, killing, shoot


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