What is Lacrosee?


An ancient sport created by the Natives in North-America; back then it a game that was interpreted as sheer mayhem by the white-dudes. Nowadays, it is a nnational sport (the NLL) with ten teams across Canada and the US. There are also many college teams and high-school teams. It is lpayed in the spring by a variety of people, but they can mostly be summed up into two categories (most fall into a) )

a) guys who are too fast for football, too rough for hockey and too hetero-sexual for baseball

b) guys who want hot lacrosstitutes

Real men play this sport. And if you think lacrosse is for pussies, step into the box (or onto the field) with me for all of five minutes.

*seen on t-shirt*

Front- The Boys of Spring Play Baseball

Back- The MEN of Spring Play Lacrosse


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