Lambda Chi Alpha

What is Lambda Chi Alpha?


Founded in 1909 by Warren A Cole at Boston University, Lambda Chi Alpha is one of the largest fraternities in the world today. Being an international fraternity, it has over 300 chapters that have produced over 227,000 members. Lambda Chi Alpha is widely respected for doing away with the classic pledging process, instead respecting their new members through an Associate Member process. Lambda Chi has openly banned hazing and preaches equality between both brothers and their new members. Lambda Chi's are highly visable on campus and oftentimes are the leaders of many campus organizations. Famous alumni include President Harry S. Truman, Kenny Chesney, John Tesh, Rick Pitino, Woody Paige, Jim Mora Jr., and B.F. Skinner.

Wow that guy is amazing, he must be in Lambda Chi Alpha.

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1.) Well Hung Studs.

2.) Hung like a Wild Stallion

3.) Otherwise known as ballers

Steppenwolf who wrote the song "Magic Carpet Ride" and is a Lambda Chi Alpha

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A fraternity that will stop at nothing to let you know how unfratty you are. Once initiated you must you the phrase GDI at lease 3 times a day and play at least one game of volleyball (no shirts or girls allowed).

voice: You're such a GDI!

Person 1: Who is that?

Person 2: I dunno, must be a Lambda Chi Alpha

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A fraternity that no one really cares about and was founded using the models of other fraternities far later than any of the real fraternities. They pride themselves on taking large numbers of clones rather than on taking quality members. Requirements for admission vary from being willing to suck the President's balls to being willing to lick the President's balls.

Guy 1: Hey, I got initiated into Lambda Chi Alpha!

Guy 2: I didn't know you liked to lick balls.

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A group of butt fucking cock suckers who pretend they're straight while circle jerking to Cold play music.

Josh is such a lambda chi alpha.

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