What is Lampin'?


When you are either

1. Hanging out or

2. Looking or feeling your best because of your surroundings( i.e. car, clothes, man/woman on your arm, lavish home, etc.)

This dude walked into the club with a fine woman on his arm dressed to impress...he was lampin'!!


To lay around and not do anything like a lamp. To chill. To relax.

I was just lampin' around yesterday not doing anything.

See relaxing, chilling, chillaxing, hanging out


(1.) verb - When a smoking device is losing smoke through any of its various holes (carb, mouthpiece, etc), giving the illusion of a genie leaving his/her magic lamp. May be specifically applied to Jeannie from "I Dream Of Genie" as a pop culture reference, although the reference does not come from Jeannie originally. (2.) verb - When a pothead is has no stuff and is in serious need of a hit; applied because the needy pothead in question wishes smoke was drifting from his/her nose and mouth like smoke from a magic lamp.

1. "Hit that piece quick--it's lampin'."

2. "Tommy ran dry last night, and has been lampin' ever since."


lighting or smoking a joint

Answer to "whatcha doin tonight?"

We be lampin'

See greg


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