What is Lapdance?


A seductive dance done mostly by a female either while sitting in the Male's Lap or so close that its hard to control an erection.

There are various forms of lapdance performed with more or less the same objective of teasing or exciting and/or gratifying the feeling of physical contact between the sexual organs of the bodies.

In a Lapdance, a female(generally) may rub her breasts,groin,vagina on Male's Penis,chest or even face all the while dancing seductively.

There are Strip Clubs that charge some amount for those interested in getting a Lapdance. Sometimes it goes beyond that and leads to sexual activity between the lapdancer and the customer.

"Maria did a Lapdance for me last night; I was so hard and excited that I gave her a real nice fuck"

" That country club has good Lapdance offers starting from $20, I plan to get my first lapdance this weekend there."

See grinding, rubbing, tease, erection, boner


to dance on laps.

a person who dances on laps. (a lapdancer, or jamie lapdance)

25 dollars at a strip joint.

my friend spaent $800 at the strip club on many a lapdance, but didnt buy me one!

See strip, dance, naked, strippers, pole dance, sluts


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