What is Lapeer?


A small hick-town consisting of Michiganian rednecks, scene/emo kids trying to be cool, white boy "bloods and cryps", white trash, and very few normal people who try like hell to get the fuck away but somehow are just stuck in this tiny shitty town.

Also known as L-town.

Normal person: "What the fuck is that kid doing? Lapeer is so fucked up."

Scene kid: "I'm diggin this rad shit" (whilst getting a tattoo of a razor blade slitting his wrist.)"Fuck yeah! L-town forever!"

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A hick town with absoulutly nothing to do...

Man Lapeer sucks!!!!

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like the gayest place ever!

everyone is mean.

and the schools are suckish!

person 1: why dont we drive to lapeer to go out to eat?

person 2(aka smarter person): HECK NO! lapeer stinks, id rather go out to eat in pontiac and risk being shot!

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