Lard Ass

What is Lard Ass?


A person not only of immenseweight, but lazyness to match, one who's exercise consist of darts,and bowling.

Mike Hoffer,Ed Grabinski


A fat person

That Lard Ass had better watch his weight.

See Lisa


Lardass, also known as a "blaire." An extremly overweight fat ass that does not show any sign of losing weigh.

Most lard ass people watch tv.

I watched my lard ass friend, sit on his ass.


A disturbingly obese man, woman or child that does not benefit society in any way. Occasionally you will see one on your local sports team, but don't be fooled because this lard ass will only negatively effect the team by walking up the court, laying down on the court, and calling "dough nut" time-outs. Refs must beware because this individuals hunger is completely uncontrollable and is known to revert to cannibalism. A lard ass usually sweats profanely and attempts to "look popular", sometimes even believes he has the right to critisize others

Colbert is such a lard ass, tell him to get away from the concession stand and back to the game

Wow Colbert, good call on the Duke game you fat piece of shit

You hear about Colbert, the kid just takes dumps at free will because he's too lazy to walk the two steps across his trailer to use the restroom...WOW

See fat tits, massive


a.k.a. ur mom's fat hairy ass

omg terrance's mom is such a fuckin sick lard ass

See u, suck, my, hairy, bawls


Obease person

"That lard ass over there is checkin you out...he probably wants to eat you."

See asdf


big fat smelly bastard

ryan cambers (chunk)


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