What is Lashed?

1. get completely drunk, 2. to plan to get drunk. all lashed up

2.fancy getting lashed, do you want to go on the lash?

See steve


Drunk, intoxicated with alchahol

I'm getting lashed tomorow night.


When a man and a woman love each other or when they just want a quicky behind the tool shed they have what is called hot sex. Another word for this is lashed. Its a word popular in British slang.

my mate told me JOJO LASHED J.KWON

she nastae!!!


gettin aff yoor face oan drugs or alcohol

same as stoned,recked,steamin,plasterd etc

'aww mahn a wiz pure lashed at eh weeken lik'

See stoned, steamin, plastered, blitzed


When someone is made a total fool of or completely embarrassed. A shorter form of lashed out.

Pete felt really lashed after his ex-girlfriend posted a photo of his tiny penis on the Internet.

I lashed him good son, everyone was laughing!


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