What is Latina Bitch Attitude?


an attitude that is often used by black girls, but is more often being used by mexican girls who think they're hard, and think they're black. They will often use that one gesture of one finger moving opposite direction of head to the side, and back and forth, whatever you call that one, and even use the n word in some instances. Example below:

Wat u tawkin shit about mah boi frend fo??!! Listen muhfukka, mah boifrend gon' kick yo ass, so you betta watch yo ass nikka! I aint feelin that shit, cuz imma woop yo ass too!

and another example...

dude: yea im a raiders fan, but im also a los angeles lakers fan

Latina bitch: nikka you either a raiders fan o u arent! mkay wat u doin wearin that los angeles buu shit!

..Latina Bitch attitude

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