Latino Heat

What is Latino Heat?


Guy who is Latin and Hot

That guy Rob T. is a Latino Heat

See tito, the heat, Torres


that zone you get into when you know your in the latino part of san fransisco, so you get your sauve stride going on. It comes in handy when being pursued by a gay white guy named Reggie

"I took a wrong turn and ended up in the tenderloin, so i put my latino heat on, it was pretty important because i didn't wanna end up being some guy named Pritchards bitch."

See deep south


Latino Heat is a term used by wannabe's such as T.P. they wright on the back of their bags "R.I.P Latino Heat"

It has absolutely no meaning.

T.P's bag: R.i.p Latino Heat

Me: Your the biggest retard, seriously... You are such a loser. Go make out with your imaginary girlfriend - Jen.

(He seriously made up a person named Jen and said he was going out with her)

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