Lawrence Gordon

What is Lawrence Gordon?


Lawrence Gordon, or Dr. Gordon, is a fictional character from the Saw film series, played by actor Cary Elwes. He is prominently featured in Saw, and is briefly seen in a flashback scene in Saw III.

Chick 1: What ever happened to Lawrence Gordon?

Chick 2: You mean Dr. Lawrence?

Chick 1: Yeah. He was sexy.

Chick 2: No one knows. Some think he's still alive, some think he's dead. There is substantial evidence for both sides of the arguments, but there has still been no definitive conclusion. Saw IV comes out on October 26, perhaps it will clear up any speculation.

Chick 1: ...He was so sexy.

Chick 2: Adam was way hotter.

Chick 1: You're right!!

Chick 2: I kno.

See saw, Tessence


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