What is Lcn?


La Cosa Nostra, an alliance of hipdogs. This is where da hipdogs be. Led by Ratatosk.

Paul "yo man, you hear about LCN?"

Jake "That's where da hipdogs be!"

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LCN is a gaming clan based on La Cosa Nostra or the Mafia. We use the same ranks and structure of any respectable crime family. We recruit easy going members into our family who know how to have fun and who aren't attention whores or drama queens.

We provide a home for people who enjoy gaming the way games were meant to be played. No stupid rules, no crying, just pure unrestricted gaming at it's best.

Random Gamer: Stupid Clan Hackers!

Random Gamer Leaves


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FBI talk for La Casa Nostra, or translated, "Our Thing."

LCN, LCN, LCN!!!... lomi


La Cosa Nostra; the Mafia (originally coined by federal law enforcement officials after U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell directed them to stop using the word "Mafia" in official correspondences, in 1970)

He was photographed coming out of a bar in Queens known to be frequented by LCN members and associates.


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