What is Ledoggy?


1.) An internet loser who spends every waking moment on message boards using aliases to create conversations with himself or herself, in order to make others believe he is popular and his posts are interesting or relevant.

2.) A troll who spam’s message boards with disinformation in an effort to take focus off of issues which are troubling to him or her.

The poor little ledoggy is trying to engage posters with his pathetic little games again.


A guy who enjoys riling up unwitting participants with his superior intellect and unmatched trash-talking ability. Takes particular joy in the misery of Michigan fans and the balding, middle-aged men who were sent packing to the short-bus board.

Continues to be the LeBron James of smack talking, and the creation of this definition is further proof.

ledoggy's stardom continues to grow as more and more victims fall prey to his penchant for saying precisely the right thing to get under one's skin.

See ledoggy


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