What is Leedle?


Origin: Spongeanine

Made by Dalton W, after hearing Patrick's quote" A leedle, leedle, lee!!!"


1(Verb).To act in a cool, yet retarded manner.

2(Noun)(Onomatopia). A word yelled to relief stress.

1. I like to leedle during Biology.

2. Leedle! He hit a 14 and KOed me!

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A word that is fun to say a million times in a really high pitched voice while stoned out of your mind.

Dude, Shaun wouldn't stop saying Leedle after he smoked last night...It was really annoying.

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A rather queer sounding laugh that makes you look like a faggot.

Teacher: Hurricane Katrina took thousands of lives and destroyed countless homes, leaving some dead and some in poverty.


Teacher: Jacob dont be such a fag

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