What is Legacy?


In computing, describes outdated, obsolete hardware or software. Usually a pain in the ass to support. Often refuses to die.

"You'd think after around 30 years legacy storage like floppy disks would be vapour."

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Someone who's sibling, parent, aunt or uncle were in a sorority or fraternity.

-Dude, I'm thinking of pledging AXP.

-Didn't your dad/uncle/brother pledge AXP?

-Yeah, I'm a legacy


-My mom/sister/aunt was/were in Tri Delt, Tri Sig, AST, and Alpha Gam. I'm a legacy in 4 sororities!

-Wow, aren't you special.


An affordable 4-door sedan or wagon manufactured by Subaru of America (SOA) between 1991 and 2005. New for 2005 is the reintroduction of turbocharging to the already potent "boxer" engine. Often defined as a "sleeper" the new Legacy will embarrass cars costing twice as much while hauling your groceries.

Dude, my Legacy GT could woop your 350Z all day long.


4 door sedan manufactured by Subaru. Like all Subaru vehicles, AWD is standard. In the United States, the Legacy is often in the shadow of it's brother the Impreza, however globally the Legacy has the similar reputation of a "4 door supercar" like the Impreza WRX. In Japan, the Legacy B4 RSK is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 2.0 liter boxer engine. An STI version is also alvailable overseas. In the states, the new 2005 model is already 5 years old in Japan, it was simply changed to left hand drive and brought over to the U.S. market. The 05' Legacy GT pumps out 250 horsepower and 250 ftlb torque bolted on to a stiff chassis and sport tuned suspension. It is essentally a WRX with European sports sedan characteristics.

"That Legacy just toasted my Audi A4."

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Applicant admitted to a selective school partially because their parent(s) also went there.

Is legacy admission unfair?


a child that is obsessed with his father to the point of extreme aggression and fury especially at jokes about cum filled donuts.. a child that praises the ground that his father walks on

You don't know who Legacy is? ITS MEEEEE!!!!

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a person who is a lower generation of a parent or grandparent.

if you have it as a last name.. that is basically AWESOME

yeah... im a legacy of a Legacy

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