Lego Head

What is Lego Head?


A hairstyle sculpted with so much Gel / Hairspray / Grease that is unchanged by the elements

Commonly sported by old alcoholics or slimey perverts.

"Look at that blokes Lego Head!"

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a persons head that appears to be square like in its features,.often coupled with lumpy bumpy bits.ugly people tend to suffer from this.

what a hideously ugly lego head you seem to have ben.

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When you have your hair dyed or roots done and the colour runs down onto your head and dyes the skin around it creating an effect similar to the hair on a Lego character.

Dan: Hey Kezza, you coming out tonight?

Kezza: Nah, not tonight, just had my hair done and ive got a Lego head!

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A nick name used as a response for girls who are called Dollfaceby their boyfriends, first coined by Maggie and Seth.

Seth: Alright, I'll see you tonight Dollface.

Maggie: Sure thing, Lego Head.

Seth: That's awesome. We're coining that.

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Someone who puts to much hair gell on making there hair look plastic.

Grassy why do you put so much gel on your hair you fucking Lego Head

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