What is Lele?


slang for penis

My lele is aflame with passion.


Slang used by popular internet character Joffeman in reference to the penis.

"My cat's licking his lele." -Joffe


A nickname for someone who has a last name Le,which isnt pronounced Lee its really pronounced L-ey

Hey LeLe!

Whats up LeLe?!

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another turm for the 69

fiona-why are there groins in each others face?

george-dude, they are doing the lele!

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greek word said-and shouted-when someone is finishing his time in the army. derived from: apolyomai(i am leaving)-apolele - LELE

lele mwre

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an old prostitute who was reffer to as "outback lele"...she never showered, never brushed her hair, and never brushed her teeth even after getting on her knees

That homless woman, on the corner of our street, is a lele

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