What is Lelia?


a person who looks nice on the outside buts naughty on the inside

a leperchaun


A 'Lelia' is a stark violation of a male's anal privacy. It is when a girl you are intimate with makes a failed attempt to rectally violate you (insert a finger into your ass) without consent. Lelia's mark a man with permentant and irrepairable trauma, whereby should anyone ever go near his asshole again, the reaction will be violent and deadly.

Man 1: "Dude, check out the girl with massive tits over there!"

Man 2: "No way dude, stay the fuck away, she tried to Lelia me last night."

Man 1: "What a crazy bitch"

See violation, asshole, finger, anal, trauma, crazy, bitch


See "Laundry".

Bobby, have you folded your lelia yet?


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